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As a crime reporter for Denmark's largest tabloid paper, crime followed Janne Aagaard like a shadow, but it had always been part of her life.

Since she was a kid, Janne felt like she did not belong.  After losing her father at a young age, her childhood was far from easy. Often rebellious and isolated, Janne knew what it was like not to fit in. The experience made her empathic toward those who struggled, especially those on the outskirts of society, even those who did terrible things.


Growing up, she often wondered why people turned to crime and what circumstances led them to make their choices. However, as Janne got older, she could not escape the magnetic pull of crime and corruption and turned it into a career, then a vocation.


After a ten-year stint working in the tabloids, conquering many twists and turns along the way, Janne took an international travel break, falling in love with Australia. Later on, achieving a degree in journalism, criminology, and communication, at Queensland University.


Returning to Europe with a degree, Janne joined the Danish Police in Denmark. She produced and introduced a new internal communication magazine alongside more challenging police work, focusing on the ‘inside’.

One of Janne's proudest accomplishments was her study of the psychological issues that can come with power and authority. Her investigation and repertoire of stories also included a harrowing tale of child abuse.

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At tale of heartache and family

True crime once more

Things evolve, and needs, wants, and budgets are no exception! Despite the magazine's ground-breaking content, the publication was closed down three years later. Having closed one door, Janne opened a new one: making her first criminology podcast called Crime and Punishment.

After beginning this new project, Janne grew tired of reviewing old cases and sought a new perspective on investigative techniques by speaking with law and psychiatry experts. Crime and Punishment examine this topic.

Further, Janne views true crime through an ethical lens, with a reverence for victims. Understanding that a reason true crime appeals to women is its relatability and vulnerability to the victims, which are often forgotten by society. She believes true crime is significant because it allows us to discover the truth and prevent future crimes.

These days, Janne Aagaard is waiting for her new non-fiction novel to be published by Danish Publishing house Gyldendal later this year.


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